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These are my peeps yo! And some of the stuff I like the best from them!


The first three are for me :D :iconyourocksonicplz:

The Wrong ThingI open my eyes to the sheen of metal and the sweet smell of rust. It brings me no comfort.
I have no idea how long I’ve been asleep. Come to think of it, I have no idea how long I have been here at all. I let my eyes dart around the room, trying to take it in, to remind myself of where I am and why I’m here. A little air bubble trapped between the surface of my eye and my eyelid pops, making a loud cracking noise and smoothing my movements. I can feel my lashes trying to stick together. I can feel a film over the corner of my lip.
I try to sit up, but I can’t. Sleep paralysis. It’s been happening more frequently lately, ever since…
I try not to think about it. I try not to let any recollection of the last few whatever they have been come to me. No, I am in bed, I was sleeping peacefully, and I will be getting up shortly, having a nice omelette (how rich), and I will be building my next invention to…
Don’t think abo
The Wrong Thing by flamewarflipsides The Right Reasons - For Indiana by flamewarflipsides Horrific Fan Disservice by flamewarflipsides Are You Ready to Call It Yet? - MAMA Scared Stiff by flamewarflipsides Echidna Week 2: The Art Academy Guy Bought It by flamewarflipsides Poor Cyra by flamewarflipsides The Bad Egg by flamewarflipsides Testing the Berzerk Gene by flamewarflipsides Pretense in the Mirror: Prologue: Holoska Night
Author's Note
Thank you for looking at this piece!
This is a reimagining of Shadow the Hedgehog, the 2005 Sonic platformer/shooter. It's being told with a framing tale of Sonic recounting the events to another character from Sonic Unleashed. As a result, the following Sonic games will be spoiled:
Sonic Adventure 2 (major)
Sonic Heroes (major)
Shadow the Hedgehog (major)
Sonic Unleashed (minor)
This story is going to contain violence comparable to that in the game itself, which had earned an E10 rating, but possibly far more disturbing in context. There is also mild sexually suggestive content in the form of Rouge the Bat and Amy Rose, but that isn't the reason this is getting an M rating.
Lastly, the first few chapters of this story will be very similar to the beginning of Shadow's game. Each chapter will deviate a little more than the previous. I would be grateful for your patience, but by no means do I expect it.
Trigger Warning
This story contains a nu

allhailinsanity! The first and the last ones are kinda for me :D

Happy reeeeeeaaaaaaaly late christmas by allhailinsanity seeking inspiration by allhailinsanity ahh winter by allhailinsanity Untitled Drawing by allhailinsanity time with pride, pride with timeStop there in your tracks
you think and predict and when you think life’s done screwing you over AND THEN it does something unexpected, you lose a friend
a loved one
Then what do you do?  Nothing; you’re dead
death is slow but it happens every day, we fear it we run from it but somehow it corners us makes us feel there’s nowhere to run
nowhere to hide
absolutely NO way to fight
your pride is cowering with its tail between its knees, you’ve spent a lot of your life and you owe it to friends
but sometimes
JUST sometimes you’ll look at death and see pride, you’ll see pride coursing through those dark holes in death’s miserable skull, you’ll see people RUNNING AND LAUGHING with NO visible reason to and no plans to find one
Then some day you understand it, and on that day that GLORIOUS MARVELOUS DAY, when death has you sitting on a chair, arms chained
Those metal shackles of sadism will SHATTER, that’s right s
just a little something by allhailinsanity


:thumb243860824: :thumb243858387: :thumb245080304: :thumb253019438: :thumb291446723: :thumb365991335:


:thumb351400685: :thumb351251018:


Gold Leader Kisses by Lady-Anakin Forsaken Here By The Dark by Lady-Anakin When the Nightmares... by Lady-Anakin Date at the Cafe by Lady-Anakin Joker and Harley by Lady-Anakin


Sonic the HedgeHobo by Galvatron-X

(He swapped accounts :shrug:)


:iconallhailinsanity: :iconcommissarzach: :iconflamewarflipsides: :iconmic609: :iconpantherflint: :iconsmashgal: :iconshiro-byakko: :iconscarlettshadow257: :iconx33k:



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Canadian Language Level Stamp - Expert by iammemyself French 3 by Faeth-design

Hello, I'm Indy. Pretty much all I do is write fanfiction and draw some fanart on the side. I write for Portal and I try to put a strong psychological component into my stories. So if you've ever wanted to learn psychology through fanfiction, this is the right place.

I'm also a Sonic fan and I'll draw for Sonic every now and again, but it's mostly Portal right now.

Thanks for dropping by!

Various places I can be found at:
Skype: indianaprower…
Archive of Our Own:…

My best friends on here (that you should watch because they're amazing people)

:iconflamewarflipsides: (She is the best and also she has an awesome, unique art style and writes like a baus *edited to reflect her preference in spelling XD)
:iconx33k: (She's really neat, super enthusiastic, and has some of the strangest and yet most incredible stuff I've ever seen)
:iconallhailinsanity: (Really fun to talk to with some of the weirdest deviations... also super hilarious and British)
:iconinvisibleelvis: (He's a cool dude who takes really neat pictures of consoles. He got me with his Dreamcast, which I have never even seen IRL)

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Current projects:

Portal: GLaDOS and Me

Wheatley, hacker under the employ of Aperture Laboratories, somehow ends up on the GLaDOS Project. His job: To teach her until she’s able to learn on her own. But as happens with the best students, Wheatley ends up being the one learning the lessons… Core!GLaDOS, Human!Wheatley.

Chapter One:
Chapter Eight (current chapter):

Portal: Love as a Construct

GLaDOS and Wheatley are a lot alike... what if they decided to hook up? In this fic, I make WheatDOS make logical sense!

Part One:
Part Nineteen (current chapter):

Portal: Euphoria

GLaDOS needs to take on the task of emulating a human brain, but to do that, she needs a human role model... enter Caroline.

Chapter One:
Chapter Fourteen (current chapter):

I am also working on the following:

Ongoing editing for flamewarflipsides



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allhailinsanity 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I did the music meme indy, whatcha tink?…
iammemyself 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I think you need some songs buddy! XD
allhailinsanity 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
those were the only ones I had on itunes
iammemyself 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I know, I'm just saying you might need more XD
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DumbBlond101 3 days ago  Student Writer
thanks for the llama
iammemyself 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
You are very welcome.
Shiro-Byakko 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I wuz only able to read ur interests nao (Ish stalking ppl)

iammemyself 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, Dan Brown is my favourite (Angels and Demons in particular) and I like Dave McKean for Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth.
Shiro-Byakko 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
/Angels and Demons/ Yes! Finally! Someone who knows the book!
iammemyself 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I have all his books except for Inferno. And I guess that's because people your age don't usually read books like that.
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