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These are my peeps yo! And some of the stuff I like the best from them!


The first three are for me :D :iconyourocksonicplz:

The Wrong ThingI open my eyes to the sheen of metal and the sweet smell of rust. It brings me no comfort.
I have no idea how long I’ve been asleep. Come to think of it, I have no idea how long I have been here at all. I let my eyes dart around the room, trying to take it in, to remind myself of where I am and why I’m here. A little air bubble trapped between the surface of my eye and my eyelid pops, making a loud cracking noise and smoothing my movements. I can feel my lashes trying to stick together. I can feel a film over the corner of my lip.
I try to sit up, but I can’t. Sleep paralysis. It’s been happening more frequently lately, ever since…
I try not to think about it. I try not to let any recollection of the last few whatever they have been come to me. No, I am in bed, I was sleeping peacefully, and I will be getting up shortly, having a nice omelette (how rich), and I will be building my next invention to…
Don’t think abo
The Wrong Thing by DecepticonFlamewar The Right Reasons - For Indiana by DecepticonFlamewar Horrific Fan Disservice by DecepticonFlamewar Are You Ready to Call It Yet? - MAMA Scared Stiff by DecepticonFlamewar Echidna Week 2: The Art Academy Guy Bought It by DecepticonFlamewar

allhailinsanity! The first and the last ones are kinda for me :D

Happy reeeeeeaaaaaaaly late christmas by allhailinsanity seeking inspiration by allhailinsanity ahh winter by allhailinsanity Untitled Drawing by allhailinsanity time with pride, pride with timeStop there in your tracks
you think and predict and when you think life’s done screwing you over AND THEN it does something unexpected, you lose a friend
a loved one
Then what do you do?  Nothing; you’re dead
death is slow but it happens every day, we fear it we run from it but somehow it corners us makes us feel there’s nowhere to run
nowhere to hide
absolutely NO way to fight
your pride is cowering with its tail between its knees, you’ve spent a lot of your life and you owe it to friends
but sometimes
JUST sometimes you’ll look at death and see pride, you’ll see pride coursing through those dark holes in death’s miserable skull, you’ll see people RUNNING AND LAUGHING with NO visible reason to and no plans to find one
Then some day you understand it, and on that day that GLORIOUS MARVELOUS DAY, when death has you sitting on a chair, arms chained
Those metal shackles of sadism will SHATTER, that’s right s
just a little something by allhailinsanity


GLaDOS - VoicesIt has been just a few days since your programming began. You are nothing more than a round core of circuits; you are delicate, feeble, barely wrapped by a steel skeleton.
On the desks, the projects already say otherwise. The lines on the paper build complex maps, tracing a huge future for you - they show hundreds of wires and embroidered metal boards, a high-tech hard disk, and what, so they say, will be the most precise system of lenses in the world.
You wait, patiently. Your senses are still dim; the small optic is weak, whereas touch, smell and taste won't exist in your world.
Most of all, you hear. You hear their speeches, you hear their laughs; you hear a male voice repeating orders, as your supervisors type them in. Simple instructions – simple footage of experiments, with audio comment.
watch - and - learn
Always, every working day, you hear them say that you will become something great. You believe it – it is a fact, a truth like any other.
A night you can
Portal 2 - Fortuna et virtute
Ove posa il corpo di quel grande
che temprando lo scettro a' regnatori
gli allÚr ne sfronda, ed alle genti svela
di che lagrime grondi e di che sangue.

Ugo Foscolo – I sepolcri
VII. De principatibus novis qui alienis armis et fortuna acquiruntur.
He has been too lucky for his own good.
What a magnificent reign he has. A masterpiece of glass and steel – her masterpiece, actually, crumbling to pieces in his hands.
She is the lady of a dying place. All she can do is watch, helpless for the very first time, while he swings on her stolen body as if it were the throne of the world.
No one knows better than her what it means – building yourself a kingdom, especially in an hostile environment. Naturally, there is more to that; imbecile tyrants never lasted for long.
The human does not seem to care much. All she does now is stare at the screens, fingers tight around her Portal Gun – she clearly isn't insulting herself for putting that mo
Portal 2 - Reflection
Sometimes it was the echo of her rage.
It came without warnings, splitting in half those long days of testing – the days in which her Aperture, the Aperture she had been planning since her first moments, had finally trapped the whole lot of humans in its maze.
Her deadly calm would break, all of a sudden; and the hatred would burst in her cables, bringing back to life yells and tears of events long gone by then.
The worn faces staring at her from the test chambers became full, healthy and arrogant again; she saw them through the eyes of a offended woman, of a victim. Their bodies looked renewed and clean, back in space and time – she was among them and protested, screamed, argued back from the bottom of her heart. She struggled to save her dignity, to save herself; but it was too late.
Always too late, forever too late. Too late to take back her silent consent, too late to prevent her desperation from exploding; too late to spare hundreds of people the fate they had suffered,
Portal 2 - What Matters MostIt is just a matter of roles.
In the monstrous chaos they have left behind, this is pretty much the only certainty you have – the first thing Aperture taught you, and the first thing what is left of Aperture needs from you right now.
It is simple as that, really; one does not need your intelligence to work it out. The moron was not made to keep in shape thousands of acres of laboratories, exactly as the mute lunatic should never have been a test subject. Roles are the primal condition of a well-working structure; thanks to their reversal, or rather the lack of them, this place is now shattered to pieces. Great.
It does not feel that bad, though – back in your body, you can reach every corner of Aperture, every broken or functional tool, with electricity flowing for thousands of miles in its veins.
This is your place and no one else’s. It was made for you, you were made for it. How could they ignore such an obvious fact?
Your circuits are back in business at full rhyth
Portal 2 - More ScienceShe tries harder every day.
Her internal clock gives a start to her mornings with a drizzle of orders, soft and systematic; they join the buzz of the neon lights, flooding the circuitry of each tier.
She lets them out, one by one, until the slow awakening turns into activity — the machines obey in a slow crescendo, a tune unchanged for years, to fulfill a ritual as unnecessary as it is needed.
She gives a timing to her world outside. It is a way, a resource, to silence the error she cannot correct in herself. It makes things a little less heavy, if not better at all.
For yes, her voice still takes her by surprise, when her plans flow too well to distract her — her echo, her sad song, springs from the back of her memory. With her and her grief, Aperture comes to a halt.
She needs a pensive pause; then, again, it starts over.


:iconallhailinsanity: :icondecepticonflamewar: :iconaltairattorney: :iconpantherflint:


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Canadian Language Level Stamp - Expert by iammemyself French 3 by Faeth-design

Hello, I'm Indy. Pretty much all I do is write fanfiction and draw some fanart on the side. I write for Portal and I try to put a strong psychological component into my stories. So if you've ever wanted to learn psychology through fanfiction, this is the right place.

Thanks for dropping by!

Various places I can be found at:
Archive of Our Own:……
Skype: indianaprower

My best friends on here (that you should watch because they're amazing people)

:icondecepticonflamewar: (She is the best and also she has an awesome, unique art style and writes like a baus *edited to reflect her preference in spelling XD)
:iconallhailinsanity: (Really fun to talk to with some of the weirdest deviations... also super hilarious and British)
:iconaltairattorney: (The greatest fanfic writer ever. Period.)

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Amadeus by iammemyself
I should probably do more than leave it at flats but I don't feel like it right now.

Hikaru no Go: Kami no Itte




Characters: Fujiwara no Sai, Shindou Hikaru



The question was why.

It had been the question during his fall from grace in front of the Emperor.  It had been the question when he had met Torajirou, had been the question when he’d heard the last words whispered with Torajirou’s last breath of air, had been the question when he came upon the boy with the very strange hair… and it was still the question now, with the faded stain oddly sharp in his mind and that weakening feeling inside his soul. 

Why?  Why now?  Was it his punishment for failing in the match against Touya Meijin?  Was that the reason?  Because he had been so arrogant to assume that, just because the Meijin had not seen the move, it did not exist?  That was what he had returned a second time for, wasn’t it?  To face players with skills and mindsets that did not exist in the past, and to achieve his goal through secret matches with them?

It seemed not.

Hikaru had noticed the fading stain as well, though he had recanted that thought as a figment of his imagination and continued on his way.  He had tried to tell the boy then, but was not very surprised when Hikaru did not listen.  It was an odd place to say an odd thing that he was certain Hikaru had never considered.  No, not surprising in the least, considering Sai himself had not considered it until recently.  Not in all the time with Torajirou had he done so, after all, nor, he was sure, had Torajirou.  But now it was happening, and he did not want to think about it, let alone consider how to make Hikaru understand.  He was being unfair, he knew, to not tell Hikaru the truth when he asked.  But he did not know what to say.



It was sometime during the rather disheartening game that he came upon his answer.

It wasn’t disheartening because he played badly; it was disheartening because he knew more than ever that the fading of his self was real, and it was not pleasant to think that his final match was against a drunk man who was probably having trouble seeing the shapes on the board in front of him.  In another time, on another day, Sai would have been elated to play him, but now… now he was wishing they had just left.  To have his final game have been the one against Touya Koyou, the closest to a rival Sai would have in this latest realisation of his existence… this win was unsatisfying and almost sad, in a way, and during the time the two of them made their way home he decided on what he was going to do.  It would not be long, and so the time to do something was at hand.

As he looked at the drowsy Hikaru from across the board, he affirmed to himself what he had been considering as of late:

That he had been entirely wrong about why.

He had thought the answer was that he was meant to one day achieve kami no itte, the Divine Move, and he would be allowed to play until he did so.  But perhaps kami no itte was not quite what he’d thought it was.

Perhaps it wasn’t a move he was meant to make.  Perhaps he was meant to achieve kami no itte, but not on the Go board.  That was what he had always thought it had meant, but…

Perhaps he had already achieved it, and it had taken him this long to see.


Hikaru, who had never played a game of Go before Sai had met him.  Hikaru, who had thrown himself into the game with all the dedication of someone who had played all his life.  Hikaru, who had changed many, many paths among the people he had met on his own journey.

Hikaru, who had seen what both Sai and Touya Koyou had not. 

In the end, Sai was still unable to tell him.  He was still unable to make Hikaru understand that yes, there was an end, that yes, he would have to make the rest of his journey without Sai’s guidance, that yes, he really did have to go.  And though it saddened him both to not have played kami no itte himself and to not truly say goodbye to Hikaru, he felt a great peace in his heart when he looked back upon all that they had achieved together. 

Yes, he could be sure that he had changed the flow of the game completely.  Hikaru would be upset and confused when he realised that Sai had gone, but perhaps there was a reason Sai had not truly been able to tell him.  Perhaps it was something Hikaru had to work out on his own.  And when he did, Sai would leave him with one last reminder, a symbol that would tell Hikaru that Sai would never truly be gone.  That he would live inside of every board he played on, inside of the smooth stones and inside of the determination of Hikaru’s eyes, driving him to achieve his own kami no itte, whatever that would be.   

Out of all the thousands of boards he had faced, he never would have imagined that guiding this young boy was the greatest move he would ever make.


Author’s note

So I watched Hikaru no Go in Japanese with English subtitles recently.  10/10 would recommend.  The production value alone makes this show worth watching.  This is my interpretation of how it ended.

Kami no itte is referred to in the English subs as the Divine Move or the Hand of God; according to a website that I cannot link because will destroy it, "Kami no itte" refers to a move that is so unexpected, so brilliant and so creative that it seems like it would be a move only god can make, changing the flow of the game completely with a single move.”  Well, training a lazy, unmotivated boy to become a superstar Go player who motivates a huge chunk of people in the space of two years seems pretty unexpected, brilliant, and creative to me.

Amadeus sketch by iammemyself
Amadeus sketch

Amadeus Prower

For a project I may or may not end up finishing

I’m bad with finishing my projects but I started it!

Referenced from Sonic the Hedgehog issue 179.



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Portal: Love as a Construct

GLaDOS and Wheatley are a lot alike... what if they decided to hook up? In this fic, I make WheatDOS make logical sense!

Part One:
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