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These are my peeps yo! And some of the stuff I like the best from them!


The first three are for me :D :iconyourocksonicplz:

The Wrong ThingI open my eyes to the sheen of metal and the sweet smell of rust. It brings me no comfort.
I have no idea how long I’ve been asleep. Come to think of it, I have no idea how long I have been here at all. I let my eyes dart around the room, trying to take it in, to remind myself of where I am and why I’m here. A little air bubble trapped between the surface of my eye and my eyelid pops, making a loud cracking noise and smoothing my movements. I can feel my lashes trying to stick together. I can feel a film over the corner of my lip.
I try to sit up, but I can’t. Sleep paralysis. It’s been happening more frequently lately, ever since…
I try not to think about it. I try not to let any recollection of the last few whatever they have been come to me. No, I am in bed, I was sleeping peacefully, and I will be getting up shortly, having a nice omelette (how rich), and I will be building my next invention to…
Don’t think abo
The Wrong Thing by DecepticonFlamewar The Right Reasons - For Indiana by DecepticonFlamewar Horrific Fan Disservice by DecepticonFlamewar Are You Ready to Call It Yet? - MAMA Scared Stiff by DecepticonFlamewar Echidna Week 2: The Art Academy Guy Bought It by DecepticonFlamewar

allhailinsanity! The first and the last ones are kinda for me :D

Happy reeeeeeaaaaaaaly late christmas by allhailinsanity seeking inspiration by allhailinsanity ahh winter by allhailinsanity Untitled Drawing by allhailinsanity time with pride, pride with timeStop there in your tracks
you think and predict and when you think life’s done screwing you over AND THEN it does something unexpected, you lose a friend
a loved one
Then what do you do?  Nothing; you’re dead
death is slow but it happens every day, we fear it we run from it but somehow it corners us makes us feel there’s nowhere to run
nowhere to hide
absolutely NO way to fight
your pride is cowering with its tail between its knees, you’ve spent a lot of your life and you owe it to friends
but sometimes
JUST sometimes you’ll look at death and see pride, you’ll see pride coursing through those dark holes in death’s miserable skull, you’ll see people RUNNING AND LAUGHING with NO visible reason to and no plans to find one
Then some day you understand it, and on that day that GLORIOUS MARVELOUS DAY, when death has you sitting on a chair, arms chained
Those metal shackles of sadism will SHATTER, that’s right s
just a little something by allhailinsanity


GLaDOS - VoicesIt has been just a few days since your programming began. You are nothing more than a round core of circuits; you are delicate, feeble, barely wrapped by a steel skeleton.
On the desks, the projects already say otherwise. The lines on the paper build complex maps, tracing a huge future for you - they show hundreds of wires and embroidered metal boards, a high-tech hard disk, and what, so they say, will be the most precise system of lenses in the world.
You wait, patiently. Your senses are still dim; the small optic is weak, whereas touch, smell and taste won't exist in your world.
Most of all, you hear. You hear their speeches, you hear their laughs; you hear a male voice repeating orders, as your supervisors type them in. Simple instructions – simple footage of experiments, with audio comment.
watch - and - learn
Always, every working day, you hear them say that you will become something great. You believe it – it is a fact, a truth like any other.
A night you can
Portal 2 - Fortuna et virtute
Ove posa il corpo di quel grande
che temprando lo scettro a' regnatori
gli allÚr ne sfronda, ed alle genti svela
di che lagrime grondi e di che sangue.

Ugo Foscolo – I sepolcri
VII. De principatibus novis qui alienis armis et fortuna acquiruntur.
He has been too lucky for his own good.
What a magnificent reign he has. A masterpiece of glass and steel – her masterpiece, actually, crumbling to pieces in his hands.
She is the lady of a dying place. All she can do is watch, helpless for the very first time, while he swings on her stolen body as if it were the throne of the world.
No one knows better than her what it means – building yourself a kingdom, especially in an hostile environment. Naturally, there is more to that; imbecile tyrants never lasted for long.
The human does not seem to care much. All she does now is stare at the screens, fingers tight around her Portal Gun – she clearly isn't insulting herself for putting that mo
Portal 2 - Reflection
Sometimes it was the echo of her rage.
It came without warnings, splitting in half those long days of testing – the days in which her Aperture, the Aperture she had been planning since her first moments, had finally trapped the whole lot of humans in its maze.
Her deadly calm would break, all of a sudden; and the hatred would burst in her cables, bringing back to life yells and tears of events long gone by then.
The worn faces staring at her from the test chambers became full, healthy and arrogant again; she saw them through the eyes of a offended woman, of a victim. Their bodies looked renewed and clean, back in space and time – she was among them and protested, screamed, argued back from the bottom of her heart. She struggled to save her dignity, to save herself; but it was too late.
Always too late, forever too late. Too late to take back her silent consent, too late to prevent her desperation from exploding; too late to spare hundreds of people the fate they had suffered,
Portal 2 - What Matters MostIt is just a matter of roles.
In the monstrous chaos they have left behind, this is pretty much the only certainty you have. It is the first thing Aperture taught you, and the first thing what is left of Aperture needs from you right now.
It is simple as that, really. One does not need your intelligence to work it out. The moron was not made to rule thousands of acres of laboratories, exactly like the mute lunatic should never have been a test subject. Roles are the primal condition of a well-working structure – thanks to their reversal, or rather the lack of any, this place is now shattered to pieces. Great.
It does not feel that bad, though. Back in your body, you can reach every corner of Aperture, every broken or functional tool, with electricity flowing for thousands of miles in its veins.
This is your place, and no one else’s. It was made for you, you were made for it. How could they ignore such an obvious fact?
Your circuits are back to business at full rhythm, ready
Portal 2 - More ScienceShe tries harder every day.
Her internal clock gives a start to her mornings with a drizzle of orders, soft and systematic; they join the buzz of the neon lights, flooding the circuitry of each tier.
She lets them out, one by one, until the slow awakening turns into activity — the machines obey in a slow crescendo, a tune unchanged for years, to fulfill a ritual as unnecessary as it is needed.
She gives a timing to her world outside. It is a way, a resource, to silence the error she cannot correct in herself. It makes things a little less heavy, if not better at all.
For yes, her voice still takes her by surprise, when her plans flow too well to distract her — her echo, her sad song, springs from the back of her memory. With her and her grief, Aperture comes to a halt.
She needs a pensive pause; then, again, it starts over.


:iconallhailinsanity: :icondecepticonflamewar: :iconaltairattorney: :iconmakrokosmik: :iconpantherflint: :iconrexmobianmix: :iconsketchesofsorts: :iconwickus111:


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Hello, I'm Indy. Pretty much all I do is write fanfiction and draw some fanart on the side. I write for Portal and I try to put a strong psychological component into my stories. So if you've ever wanted to learn psychology through fanfiction, this is the right place.

Thanks for dropping by!

Various places I can be found at:
Archive of Our Own:……
Skype: indianaprower

My best friends on here (that you should watch because they're amazing people)

:icondecepticonflamewar: (She is the best and also she has an awesome, unique art style and writes like a baus *edited to reflect her preference in spelling XD)
:iconallhailinsanity: (Really fun to talk to with some of the weirdest deviations... also super hilarious and British)
:iconaltairattorney: (The greatest fanfic writer ever. Period.)

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Part Sixty-Eight.  The Days Before


At some point GLaDOS had raised a good number of monitors in her chamber, all of them filled with all sorts of different data that Wheatley didn’t understand.  He didn’t ask her about them because if she was putting out visual aids that meant she was trying to concentrate, but he hadn’t the fuzziest what all those numbers and coloured dots had to do with anything. 

The one bit of meaning he did grasp from it was that the time they’d been preparing for was soon.  This was due in part to the fact that there were people coming into her chamber every hour or so.  Chell came in several times, not really doing anything so far’s Wheatley could tell, but GLaDOS seemed the barest bit relieved by her presence. 

GLaDOS barely spoke to any of them, including Wheatley, and though that grated on him he did not say anything about it.  When night came and the humans stopped visiting, he would sit next to her and just talk.  He knew she wanted him to, and he did his best to think of things to say, but he hated that he could only talk to her and not with her.  That day especially he knew a chat was out, given the events of that afternoon:

GLaDOS had been discussing some aspect of battle plans or some such, Wheatley hadn’t been listening – and he tried, he really did, but it was just so dull – when all of a sudden her hard drive hitched and shocked him back into paying attention.

“It’d make things so much easier,” one of the male humans had been saying.  He’d had dark hair down to his shoulders, some of it tied behind his head with a rubber band.  He had looked at his fingernails as he spoke, studiously ignoring GLaDOS.  “Then there’d be no need for any of this.  Just send out a whole bunch’a robots and smoke the bastards.  No need to put us on the line.”

“So,” GLaDOS had said, even that one syllable cold and harsh, “you expect me to outfit you.  Supply you.  House you.  And then, after doing all of that work to ensure you are of at least a modicum of use, you expect me to also fight on your behalf?  With no contribution from you whatsoever?  In a fight that you started?”

The human had looked up at GLaDOS boredly from beneath the heavy line of hair above his eyes.  “That’s what robots are for.  They do stuff we tell ‘em to do.  That’s why we build them.”

“But you wouldn’t be building them.  I would be building them.”

“Yeah but we built you so… we really are building them, by extension.  You’re wasting time.  I hope you’re building those bots while you’re here yapping.”

GLaDOS had emitted a burst of white noise at a frequency that Wheatley had been pretty sure was out of the audible range of the humans, and he’d made the snap decision to cut the meeting sharpish, before something happened all of them would regret.  He’d moved forward, which caused GLaDOS to glance at him sharply, but she stayed quiet as he called out, “Um, I think it’s time we uh, we went our sep’rate ways for now, y’know, so we can uh… can think about what we’ve just discussed.  A’right?  A’right.  Off you go then!”

The humans had, a little confusedly to be sure, filtered out, and he’d gone off to find Carrie for a bit because he’d known GLaDOs probably wanted to stew for a while.  She’d begged him to build her a set of testing tracks she could run through with that Dog thing, and he’d obliged cheerfully, making a few of them a contest and a few of them cooperative.  For the competitive tracks, he’d carefully done his best to make sure she couldn’t lose, but without being too obvious about it, and judging by how happy she was at the end of it all it seemed he’d succeeded.

And so when that’d all ended he’d taken his place next to GLaDOS and rambled on for a while, but to be quite honest he was getting bored of the sound of his own voice every night.  He wanted to talk to her, for Pete’s sake! – whoever Pete was – but there’d been very little of that going on lately!

“Wheatley,” she said, and he yelled and nearly – well, no, he probably didn’t nearly jump out of his case, but it certainly felt like that was what he was doing.  He turned to look at her, aperture wide.  Was he actually going to get a conversation out of her while she was working?  Amazing!

“Uh… what is it?” he stammered, suddenly wondering if she was about to tell him to stop talking or go away or something like that.  He hoped not.  He didn’t think he’d been overly disruptive, but it was not always easy to tell.

“Thank you for… defusing the situation, earlier,” she answered, still not looking at him like she’d not really been doing the last while.  “I-“

“’s okay,” he interrupted, shrugging at the floor.  “Gotta be of some use, haven’t I?”

Now she was looking at him, he could feel it, but now he was nervous because he’d realised he’d just put himself down again and she didn’t like that.  Sure enough, she sighed, but didn’t go any farther than that.

“This will be over soon,” she said instead, and now he did look at her.  “In approximately three days, the Combine will be within attack range.  We will be ready.  I’m tired of having humans constantly underfoot.  I’m going to crush the Combine and send everyone on their way.”

Wheatley smiled at her.  “Sounds like a plan!  I’d be glad to uh, to uh… to spend time with you, again.” 

She nodded and made a noise in agreement.  “I’d like that as well, believe me.  Working day and night for the humans again is not something I wanted to do.  I know you don’t like to be left alone for so long, but… I must be prepared.”

He shrugged.  He didn’t really want to get into it, to be honest.  He did his best not to think about it, because when he did he had to remember that he could not talk to her the next day.  So he decided not to think about it, and began to talk to her as per usual.  He’d been with her in that dreadful meeting for much the whole day, so there wasn’t much to say other than that bit about gallivanting with Carrie – and that was the word he used, gallivanting, because he was quite proud of remembering such a word – and after he’d summarised that he moved on to making something up to talk about.  It was, as it was often, something he vaguely remembered telling himself while he was in space.  It was really stupid, honestly, about what he’d imagined might’ve been the purpose of all those sparkly bits in the sky.  He’d imagined, on occasion, that it was the millions of tiny optics of the God of AI watching him and reminding him every day that he’d done something horrible he could never take back.  On the other occasions, one of which he was recounting right now, he’d imagined he hadn’t really been banished and was just taking part in an experiment of some sort.  He’d liked that thought more than being scrutinised by the God of AI. 

He’d gotten about halfway through when he realised… well, he thought GLaDOS’d stopped working altogether and just started listening.  He didn’t know if it’d happened just then or when he hadn’t been paying attention, but she seemed quieter and colder than he recalled.  He resolved to stay cool and continue on as if he’d not noticed.  Though he probably sounded quite a bit more excited. 

That didn’t last too much longer, though, because as happened every night, he started to lose track of where he was due to that involuntary shut-down thing called ‘falling asleep’.  Usually he didn’t mind too much, because GLaDOS wasn’t talking to him anyway, but he cared now! 

GLaDOS sighed.

“Go to sleep,” she told him in a soft voice, as though there were any actual choice in the matter on his part.  Maybe she thought there was.  They’d never really discussed the whole falling asleep thing, just sort of acknowledged that it was a thing that was happening and leaving it at that.  But, God, these small hours were the only time he got alone with her!  And they weren’t even very much, because she was barely even there during them, and it was just not fair, just not fair at all.  He thought he made a staticky noise in frustration.  He wasn’t sure.  Wasn’t really sure of anything, anymore.

“Ssh,” GLaDOS said.



She was awake when he went to sleep and when he woke up, and every day he asked her if she was tired.  Every day she shook her core and said, “I feel like I should be, but I’m not.  I feel fine.”

This morning she’d put up a countdown clock to go with all her other monitors, and Wheatley suddenly got a terrible sense of foreboding.  A countdown clock.  That meant… that meant things were just about ready to go, didn’t it?  That… that there was gonna be a bunch of aliens swarming towards the Enrichment Centre to attack them all?  He glanced nervously at her, but if she herself was anxious at all she did not show it.

“Find Caroline,” she told him.  “I’ll give her that job she wants and get that over with – “

Before the sound had quite finished fading from her speakers, her chamber seemed to go quite cold suddenly.  Wheatley narrowed his optic in alarm, pulling in his handles, as GLaDOS drew back slowly.  “Luv, what just – is something – “

“Shut up.”

Her voice was hard and, though he did not appreciate that, he elected to do as she wanted.  She had some idea of what the problem was, and he did not.  Though he would’ve, if she would bother telling him.  Ah, now he was making himself annoyed.  Bloody great.

“Everything… is going according to plan, my dear,” came a faint and rasping voice, and Wheatley jumped, looking down to see a man standing there below him!  A very, very pale man, who honestly looked more like a humanoid robot than an actual human, looking calmly up at GLaDOS with the strangest blue eyes Wheatley’d ever seen in a human’s head.  GLaDOS directed her core at him smoothly and somewhat carelessly. 

“They are.”

“The question is,” the man continued, smiling the barest bit, “whose plan.”

“You don’t seem terribly eager to find out.  You are taking your time, after all.”

The smile crept wider.  “I wanted to… give you one more chance.  We go back a long way, after all.  Don’t we.”

“If you want to believe that.”

“Have you changed your mind… Caroline?”

Wheatley snapped his optic in her direction, but she seemed to have been expecting that and did not move herself.  The only change at all was in the speed of her fans, and even that was barely noticeable, especially when he thought about how loud they’d been before.


He jerked his head to the left and raised his brows.  “Give me the ship and I will… leave you be.  Last… offer.”


The man stepped back once, his face settling back into blankness.  “In that case… be prepared to lose… everything.”

GLaDOS met his gaze, remaining impassive and disturbingly calm.  “I wouldn’t bet on that, if I were you.  You waited far too long.  Your mistake.  My advantage.”

 “I do not make… mistakes.”

“Oh, but you do,” GLaDOS told him, with a distinct air of amusement.  “Three times now you thought I would make a deal with you.  And for the third time, I’m refusing.  So.  Continue on your merry way so I can finally crush you and stop you from pestering me.  Because that’s getting remarkably annoying.”

The man frowned and, right before the both of them, simply vanished into thin air!  Wheatley gawped at the vacated panel on the floor, trying to figure out how such a thing’d possibly happened, when GLaDOS snapped, “Wheatley!”

“Wha?” he gasped, looking back at her. 

“Did I not ask you to retrieve Caroline?”

“Uh… yeah.  Yeah, you did.  Um… yeah.  I’ll go do that.”  And he headed out before she decided to snap at him again. 

Carrie was chattering with Atlas and P-body so he didn’t interrupt, just waited until she noticed he was there and then told her why he was there.  She gave a nod and followed him back to GLaDOS’s chamber. 

“Caroline,” GLaDOS told her, almost as soon as they arrived, “I’m sending you to Miss Vance.  She –“

“She’s not fighting outside?” Caroline interrupted, and GLaDOS shook her core.

“She has experience in the computer sciences.  So I’m putting her in charge of the military androids.”

Wheatley frowned.  “We actually have those?”

“No,” GLaDOS answered dryly.  “I’m sending the both of them to pretend to do something useful instead of actually having them do something useful.”

Wheatley supposed he should have expected that and elected to shut up.

 “Anyway.  Since you two get along together so well, she’s stuck with you.  I don’t know how you’re going to be of help to her, exactly, but I’m sure you’ll figure something out.”

Carrie nodded quickly and smiled.  “Do I go now?”

“If you like.”

Caroline moved in to give GLaDOS a little cuddle, which surprisingly GLaDOS obliged to without comment, and when Caroline had gotten as far as the doorway GLaDOS called, “Do not leave that room, Caroline.”

“Okay!” the little core said, and disappeared.  She must’ve been really eager to be useful towards the whole thing.

Krillin by iammemyself
It's called that because I used a picture of a Krillin trading card as reference.   


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